We’re Much More Than Furniture Nerds

Triad Office Interiors is a passionate and dedicated team that is consistently inspired by solution-based furniture. We are inspired by experiences the furniture our exceptional partner brands constantly produce.

At Triad Office Interiors, we value diversity and inclusion within our team culture. Leadership has driven a strong culture that enables the team to be engaged, grow and always learn. This has enhanced our prosperous relationships with our clients.

Our Team share that knowledge and passion with our A&D community and clients consistently.

Our Triad Team is are aware that cultivating a desired outcome at work means you must start with ergonomics. We partner with your people to make sure nothing stands in the way of their productivity and your ultimate mission.

Our organizational stability provides our employees with the ability to spread their wings and push themselves to grow and be constantly motivated. We back this up with individual responsibility and accountability, empowering all team members to serve their clients with swift, strong decision making. Cultivating this state of mind has become an integral part of our company culture. The end results are prosperous relationships with our clients. We can then plan, manage and execute with creativity and precision. Being great at what we do not only supports our passion and is our inspiration to develop even further.

Let our workplace consultants develop the workplace plan to promote well-being in your organization and drive impactful results.

Todd McGauley
Dealer Principal

With over 30 years of industry experience in manufacturing and dealership management roles, Todd provides leadership to the dealer project team. Todd takes the lead on continuous improvement and accountability for all sales and service functions of the dealership. He is actively involved with projects and ensures client satisfaction on every job, no matter what size.


Craig McGauley
Chief Financial Officer

Craig’s serial entrepreneurship background has allowed him to bring prosperous ideas to fruition in a short period of time. He not only is the CFO, he is also actively involved in product meetings, on-going research and innovation of Triad Office Interiors. His years of experience in multiple creative fields empowers our organization and disrupts the marketplace.


Rhiannon Jones
Senior Workplace Consultant

Rhiannon has been a valued member of the Triad team since 2009. During this time she has focused her skills in both the Corporate, Healthcare and Higher Education markets. She is very knowledgeable about the products that are specified, and is always dedicated to providing the “best fit” for her clientele. Having successfully managed both large and small scale projects, Rhiannon is passionate about exceeding client expectations and providing products that help create functional environments.


Leanne Linton
Senior Workplace Consultant

Leanne has been a member of the Triad team for 8 years, and comes with close to 20 years of experience in the office furniture industry. During this time she has focused her skills in the Healthcare and Higher Education markets having great success in both verticals. She has extensive experience with RFP’s projects and understands the processes involved. Leanne has managed both large and small scale projects and is dedicated to seeing them through to completion.


Geoff Morris
Senior Workplace Consultant

Geoff has over 20 years of senior sales executive and account management experience in the office furniture industry and a key member of the Triad team since 2007. During this time his focus has been mainly in small and medium sized business, strategic corporate and government tier markets. Exceptional knowledge in diverse manufacturers’ strengths, business development and project management at all levels has contributed to his personal and Triad company success.


Sarah Cassidy

Sarah graduated from Sheridan College in 2000 and has 15 years experience specifying furniture. She specializes in Higher Education and Healthcare. Sarah has been part of the Triad team for the past year and her previous experience gained with other furniture dealerships and design firms has been extremely valuable.


Lisa MacKenzie

Lisa has been part of the Triad team for 6 years. Lisa comes with extensive executive assistant background and strong people skills. Lisa is responsible for placing orders, reviewing acknowledgements, and ensures delivery dates are met. In addition, she will work hand in hand with our Logistics Team on executing the project scheduling. Lisa will ensure that accurate invoices are produced in a timely manner and will be your accounts payable contact.


Darryl Charron
Logistics Coordinator

Tech-savvy administrative manager with a varied design background including graphic and media design, marketing and branding. Experienced in contract furniture specification and operational & logistic oversight at Triad Office Interiors.


Shoaib Nawabi
Lead Installer

Shoaib Nawabi is a dedicated professional that provides our install team with clear direction every time he is on site. A proud member of the Triad Office Interiors Team.


Patrick Lucas
Lead Installer

Patrick, one of our Lead Installers, always on time and excited for the next project. Guarantees the very best in customer service and office supply products. With a long history in the furniture industry – He helps out with several services we provide for our clients, and is a valued member of our team.


Rob Glick
Director of Project Manager

Rob has more than 30 years of experience in the furniture industry in major project installation, reconfigurations/relocations, specification and project management. He has extensive experience with all generations of systems furniture and application. He manages all aspects of the specification, order process and delivery management with the client, designer, contractor and manufacturers to ensure logistics are seamless, on-time, and on budget.